Perl Interface to GrADS

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The GrADS Interface to Perl

Although GrADS comes with a very useful scripting language, there are times when more powerful scripting is called for. Or in case you are an experienced perl programmer new to GrADS and does not want to spend the time learning a new scripting language. Whatever your case may be, you should be able to do all of your GrADS scripting in perls. There is also a Python Interface if you rather spend your life indenting code.

There GrADS interfaces to python comes in 2 flavors: 1) an object oriented module, and 2) a more procedural module, built on top of, that has more of the look and feel of a classic GrADS script. In the remaining of this document I will assume that you have some familiarity with perl.

Setting up your Perl Environment Object Oriented Interface Procedural Interface

For Developers: Implementation Details