Installing GrADS on Linux/MacOS X/Unix

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Downloading the software

The GrADS binaries can be downloaded from sourceforge under package grads. In the same directory you will find file grads-$version-data.tar.gz which contains the fonts and map datasets. The OpenGrADS extensions for each platform are also found on sourceforge under package extensions.

Installing the binaries

The executables contained in the binary tar file are typically placed in the directory /usr/local/bin. If you do not have write permission for your /usr/local/bin directory, you can put them in the ~/bin subdirectory of your home directory.

    cd /usr/local/bin
    gunzip tarfile.gz
    tar xvf tarfile

After unpacking the first tar file, you should have the following executables:

    gradsc          Classic GrADS - readline only
    gradshdf        GrADS with NCSA HDF-4, LATS, GUI, SDF
    gradsnc         GrADS with unidata netCDF-3, LATS, GUI, SDF
    gradsdods       OPeNDAP-enabled GrADS with unidata netCDF, LATS, GUI, SDF
    gribmap         "Maps" a GRIB data set to a GrADS descriptor file
    gribscan        Extracts grid info from a GRIB data set
    bufrscan        Reads BUFR messages and prints out ascii values 
    gxeps           Converts GrADS metafiles to Postscript
    gxtran          Displays metafiles
    stnmap          Maps station data
    wgrib           See

Installing the fonts and map datasets

The second tar file (grads-$version-data.tar.gz) contains the GrADS fonts and maps data sets is also necessary. The contents of this file are typically placed in the directory /usr/local/lib/grads, the default location for these files. If you do not have write permission for /usr/local/lib/grads, you can place the files elsewhere, but you must also change the environment variable GADDIR so the GrADS executables will know where to find these files.

    cd dirname
    gunzip *.data.tar.gz
    tar xvf *.data.tar
    setenv GADDIR dirname (If dirname is not /usr/local/lib/grads)

Installing the OpenGrADS extensions

Instructions can be found here.